About Alex

Alex Stepanov Portrait

Hi, I’m Alex Stepanov, the creator of Discerning Developer blog and professional software engineer for the last 20+ odd years. I started writing code when I was in Junior High (MSX-DOS anyone?) and have not stopped ever since.

If I had to write Cliff’s Notes on myself, I’d probably end up with something like: “recovering perfectionist, curious tinkerer, problem solver, loves to share”. That’s right, there is hardly anything I enjoy more than sharing my experience and my knowledge.

I firmly believe that almost any problem, technology or concept in the world, no matter how complex, can be explained in simple understandable terms and this is why I started Discerning Developer. I also believe that creating software is more than just technical skills, it is a form of applied art and should be viewed as such.

When not taming the computers, I am hiking the mountain trails nearby or running (long time cross-country runner), or having an impromptu cooking experiment